Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students

Honors Students in the Psychology Distinction Program

Joann Yang is a senior at SMU and joined ADAPT in May 2021. She is majoring in Psychology and Business Management with a minor in Biological Sciences. Her interests include understanding ethnoracial differences and disparities in the field of psychology, as well as biological associations to psychological behaviors. Joann plans to pursue a career in clinical psychology or organizational psychology.


SMU undergraduate students who major in psychology (both B.S. and B.A.) and maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or above have the option of joining the Psychology Distinction program. As a part of this program, students will work with Dr. Lui on a mentored research project. Students will enroll in a series of distinction courses over a minimum of two semesters, during which they will come up with a research topic and question, conduct literature review, collect data and conduct data analyses, and write up an APA research report. Typically, these projects can result in conference presentations and/or publishable manuscripts. Contact Dr. Lui if you are interested in the Psychology Distinction Program.

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureat Research Assistants

Westley Giadolor is an undergraduate freshman in the class of 2023 and joined ADAPT in Spring 2020. He is an aspiring Psychology and Finance major and plans to pursue a Masters in Organizational Psychology. Westley has a strong interest in mental health affecting the workplace and how decision making can be made better by taking into account cognitive and behavioral tendencies of individuals.


Paige Goodman is a post-baccalaureate psychology student and joined ADAPT in April of 2021. Her interests include at-risk children and adolescents and using technology to improve access to mental health treatment. She plans to pursue graduate school in clinical, counseling, or school psychology.


Tia Taylor is a sophomore studying Biological Sciences and Health & Society. She joined the ADAPT in the summer of 2021. Tia’s research interest includes issues such as mental health, addition, and healthcare inequalities. Tia is a member of the Honor Council, an SMU student ambassador, and a tutor for children in the Dallas Independent School District. Tia is interested in becoming a physician and plans to attend medical school after graduation.


Abigail Torbatian is a junior at SMU and joined ADAPT in May 2021. She is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies. Her interests include researching acculturative stress, cultural fears, and antisemitism. Abigail will apply to graduate programs this fall and plans to become a professor and researcher.


Krystelle Sunga is and undergraduate senior and joined ADAPT in August 2021. She majors in Psychology at Dedman College of Humanities and Science at SMU. She has strong interests in both forensic and clinical psychology and plans to pursue a Doctor of Juridical Science​ (J.S.D) degree after obtaining her bachelors in psychology.


Saima Alwani is a junior at SMU and joined ADAPT in August 2021. She is double majoring in Health and Society and Film Media Arts. She has a strong interest in serving medically underserved communities, which was inspired by volunteering in Dallas Agape Clinic. Saima will apply to medical school this fall and plans to become a pediatric physician in the future.


Brittany Huynh is a sophomore and joined ADAPT in August 2021. She is majoring in Statistical Science and minoring in Health Sciences. She is interested in the healthcare disparities experienced by minorities as well as the psychological impacts caused by said disparities. Brittany plans to apply to medical school following graduation and eventually become a physician.


Undergraduate students at SMU or other institutions who have a keen interest in psychological sciences, and maintain a satisfactory grade point average (e.g., 3.5 or above) are encouraged to seek hands-on research training experiences in ADAPT. Students are involved in various aspects of research projects, such as assisting in participant recruitment, data collection and management, and initial data analyses. More advanced research assistants may have the opportunity to present research findings at local or national conferences. Contact Dr. Lui for an application to join our team!


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