Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students

Honors Students in the Psychology Distinction Program

SMU undergraduate students who major in psychology (both B.S. and B.A.) and maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or above have the option of joining the Psychology Distinction program. As a part of this program, students will work with Dr. Lui on a mentored research project. Students will enroll in a series of distinction courses over a minimum of two semesters, during which they will come up with a research topic and question, conduct literature review, collect data and conduct data analyses, and write up an APA research report. Typically, these projects can result in conference presentations and/or publishable manuscripts. Contact Dr. Lui if you are interested in the Psychology Distinction Program.

Niki Adams is a junior majoring in a B.S degree in psychology with a minor in Chinese. She joined the ADAPT research team in January 2019.  Niki has an interest in human diversity and how this affects society and people in general. After graduating SMU, Niki hopes to pursue clinical psychology in graduate school. Her ultimate aspiration is to help Americans currently living in other countries who are experiencing mental distress relating to cultural differences.


Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureat Research Assistants

Shalanda Berkley received her B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Biological Sciences. She joined the ADAPT lab in Spring of 2017. She was a recipient of the Hamilton Scholarship and the Award for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate in Psychology. Her research interests include university students’ alcohol usage along with its risk factors, specifically among ethnic minorities. Shalanda is working as a full-time medical intern in preparation for her applications for medical school. She continues to volunteer in ADAPT and contribute to research.


Savannah Krantz received her B.A. in Psychology with departmental honors from the University of Texas at Austin. She was a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, and now volunteers as an advocate for Dallas CASA. Savannah joined the ADAPT lab in August of 2019. Her research interests include understanding the triggers and intervention methods for adolescent depression across diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Savannah aspires to attend graduate school for clinical psychology. 


Kenzie Stonebarger is a Sophomore studying Health and Society, Psychology, and Religion. She joined the ADAPT in August of 2019. Kenzie volunteers on campus as a Student Wellness Champion, with a distinction in Substance Abuse. She is excited to pursue graduate school in the hopes of becoming a criminal psychologist. Her interests include leaving an impact on those that she interacts with and identifying behavior patterns in people in hopes of preventing further crimes.


Westley Giadolor is an undergraduate freshman in the class of 2023 and joined ADAPT in Spring 2020. He is an aspiring Psychology and Finance major and plans to pursue a Masters in Organizational Psychology. Westley has a strong interest in mental health affecting the workplace and how decision making can be made better by taking into account cognitive and behavioral tendencies of individuals.


Olivia Garcia received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with minors in Biology and Neuroscience from SMU in 2019. While at SMU, Olivia worked as a research assistant in the Anxiety and Depression Research Center. She joined the ADAPT in March of 2020. Her current research interests include how culture affects social behaviors and ethnic health disparities. Olivia is currently employed as a medical scribe in the Emergency Department of Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX and plans to pursue a career in medicine as a Physician Assistant.


Shefali Katedia is a junior at SMU and joined ADAPT in June 2020. She is a Biology major with minors in Neuroscience and Sociology and plans to go to medical school after graduation. She hopes to become a Pediatrician or Dermatologist in the future. Shefali volunteers at Medical City Dallas and with Reading Partners of North Texas. Her research interests include learning about various mental illnesses and how to help people based on that information.


Kish Parikh is a junior studying Psychology and Creative Computing. He joined the ADAPT in the summer of 2020. Kish has worked as a research assistant with SMU Student Affairs, studying how students conceptualize their identity and belongingness on campus. His interests include understanding how people perceive and navigate the human experience, factors that contribute to well-being, and the role spirituality plays in identity formation. He aspires to pursue a career in UX Design, integrating research, people, and computer skills to address people’s needs.


Undergraduate students at SMU or other institutions who have a keen interest in psychological sciences, and maintain a satisfactory grade point average (e.g., 3.5 or above) are encouraged to seek hands-on research training experiences in ADAPT. Students are involved in various aspects of research projects, such as assisting in participant recruitment, data collection and management, and initial data analyses. More advanced research assistants may have the opportunity to present research findings at local or national conferences. Contact Dr. Lui for an application to join our team!


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