Prospective Students

Why Join ADAPT?

Because we aim to produce timely and rigorous research on minority mental health and health disparities, being in the heart of the nation’s fourth largest metropolitan area affords us the opportunities to conduct community-facing studies. As a part of ADAPT, you will be able to take advantage of the breadth and depth of our research program and the diversity that Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has to offer. You will learn skills in literature search and review, study design, participant recruitment and data collection, statistical analyses, effective communication and presentation. All of our current and past research team members are interested in research and health service careers, most of them have been contributing coauthors on scientific publications and presentations. You can expect to be an active member of ADAPT and receive direct mentorship from Dr. Lui. Having had research experiences will enrich your academic experience at SMU or other universities. You will be a great fit for ADAPT if you want to make the world a better place through science and if you are intellectually curious, passionate about human psychology, and make a great team player.

Undergraduate Research Experience

Dr. Lui maintains an active research lab. Our productivity depends on bright, motivated, and conscientious undergraduate research assistants! If you are interested in developing critical thinking skills and gaining hands-on research experience in ADAPT, please complete an ADAPT Application and email it to Dr. Lui. This application asks simple questions about your research interests, professional and career goals, and other relevant information. Students who have completed Research Methods in Psychology are preferred. Additional information about undergraduate research training available at SMU can be found HERE.

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Lui regularly seeks to admit new Ph.D. students in clinical psychology. The clinical psychology program at SMU is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association, and is a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science. Additional information about graduate training at SMU can be found HERE. You will be a good fit for the program and ADAPT if you intend to generate new psychological knowledge and use principles and evidence to better serve the community. In contrast, it is unlikely that you fit well with our lab culture if you plan on a predominantly practice-oriented career.

If you are research minded and motivated to inquire about clinical and multicultural psychology, contact Dr. Lui with any questions. Students admitted to the SMU clinical psychology Ph.D. program may be eligible for university fellowships. Given our research emphasis on diversity issues in psychology and Dr. Lui’s commitment to train and mentor students from underrepresented backgrounds, we especially encourage applications from those who come from various minoritized backgrounds. These incoming students may be eligible for the prestigious SMU Mustang Fellowship. Additional information about the university fellowship and other funding programs for doctoral students can be found HERE.

Potential Collaborators

Collaborations and diversity in research expertise make for great psychological science. We welcome potential collaborations that will enhance the work we do. Dr. Lui collaborates with researchers on a number of projects that pertain to acculturation, discrimination, alcohol (mis)use, and psychological adjustment, as well as measurement issues across multiple academic institutions across the country. Please contact Dr. Lui should such opportunities arise!

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