As of January 20, 2022, we have an updated COVID-19 safety protocol affecting research staff members and participants.

Vaccination status

All lab members must be fully vaccinated in order to involve in lab studies and have direct contact with research participants. Two-dose series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are preferred. For individuals with immunocompromised diseases and chronic illnesses that heighten the risk of COVID-19, full vaccination status means completion of three doses of the Pfizer or Moderna shots.

Testing and COVID status

Recent variants have been shown to be highly transmissible and cause illness, even among fully vaccinated individuals.

If you are exposed to COVID cases: Seek a COVID test within 2-5 days of exposure. SMU students can seek free testing at the Health Center. Non-SMU volunteers can seek testing elsewhere, government-paid/reimbursed COVID at-home tests, or antigen tests available through ADAPT.

If you have tested positive for COVID: Isolate at home immediately for 5 days, or otherwise instructed per CDC guidelines. At the end of the isolation period, seek a COVID test (see above) prior to returning to the lab. If you continue to test positive, continue with the isolation period.

COVID Screening for research participants

Research participants attending in-person sessions will be assessed for their COVID status prior to the scheduled visits. If you do not respond to the COVID screening via phone/email, you will be given an antigen test at your arrival and must test negative prior to partaking in the study procedures.

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