Current Studies

Why Participate in Research? Why Is It Important?

Scientific research is aimed to discover new information or revise existing information. In the field of psychology, research can help society understand why, how, in what situations, when, and for whom behaviors and thoughts occur. This information also can help develop treatments that improve people’s quality of life. To achieve these goals, we need help from people like you to generate such useful information.

You may want to participate in research for different reasons: to make meaningful contributions to society, to help improve the lives of diverse segments of the population, to give back, to learn something about your experiences, conditions, and to receive treatment, and to receive compensation a study offers. Research studies need volunteers from all walks of life, and some may require people with specific conditions or of certain demographic backgrounds.

In ADAPT, our research typically is concerned with mental health and alcohol involvement of minority individuals, and focuses on extending or revising existing knowledge to different populations. Our participants and researchers are youth and adults of diverse backgrounds.

How Do I Participate in Research?

We are recruiting participants for the following studies: 

Social Interactions Study






If you do not see a study that you qualify, contact us to find out about other possible opportunities or to be placed on a research registry.

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