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I am a Fourth year PhD Candidate in the joint UTSW (University of Texas Southwestern) and SMU (Southern Methodist University) Biostatistics PhD program.  I currently hold a bachelors of science in statistical science from SMU, a bachelors in Computer Engineering, and a masters degree in Computer Engineering that was awarded upon the successful defense of my master’s thesis about using cryptographic hash functions to improve certain randomness qualities of RNG output (if that seems interesting you can take a look here, if you don’t have time to look at the thesis-1xpvods you can see the defense slides ts-slides-11qf8e7.  I have participated in a variety of research activities over the course of my academic career.  An area of interest in my research is the use of mathematical/statistical/spectral methods for analyzing time-domain signals (or other domain signals).  I am also highly interested in methods of clinical trials such as experimental design, interim analyses, and protocol design/implementation.  If you are so inclined, and you would like to see my resume, please send me a contact me message.   Thankyou for your interest in my website, if you are interested in taking a look at some of the blog posts that I have made on this website, select the archives on the right of the page for the particular month that you would like to read entries in.   I have posts discussing the installation of statistical software, the theory of certain distributions, and on statistical inference in general, as well as several useful statistical analysis methods.


Thanks for your Time,

Micah A. Thornton


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