About me

I am a PhD Biostatistician that graduated from the joint UTSW-SMU (University of Texas Southwestern – Southern Methodist University) Biostatistics program.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Statistical Science (2017, SMU), a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (2017, SMU), a Master of Science in Computer Engineering (2017, SMU [ Thesis | Slides ]), and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biostatistics (2021, SMU-UTSW [ Dissertation | Slides ]).  I am currently employed as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at UT Southwestern, and work in the Daehwan Kim Lab of the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics.  My primary research focus is varied-resolution sequence origin quantification, with specific applications to the quantification of Allele-Specific Gene Transcripts at multiple levels towards patient outcome prediction in diseases with genetic factors.  I work with a talented team of researchers in the lab to produce software and analyses towards this goal.

If you would like more information about me, please request a copy of my CV/Resume by sending me a `contact me’ message.   Thank you for your interest in my website, if you are interested in taking a look at some of the blog posts that I have made on this website, select the archives on the right of the page for that month.   I have posts discussing the installation of statistical software, the theory of certain distributions, and on statistical inference in general, as well as statistical analysis methods.

-Micah A. Thornton


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