Edges of Empire

KNW 2399: Edges of Empire

March 28, 2017
by Byington Rhea

Methods of Escape

William Johnson captured an emotional photo of four women in the act of converting to Christianity. It begs the question; do they genuinely want to convert to Christianity? It also makes the viewer wonder if they are being coerced to … Continue reading

October 29, 2015
by Geoff Lowe

Connecting a Nation, More than Just Physically Laying track for a railroad is obviously necessary, but it takes countless hours of hard labor. In this photograph, created by Townshend Phot. in 1890, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people constructing the framework for a railroad. … Continue reading

October 29, 2015
by Brian Schoelzel

A Railroad Between Two Cultures This image was created by Townshend Phot, and is one part of a 45-piece album that depicts the construction of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway between the years of 1890 and 1897. The scene shows a group of men both Indian … Continue reading

October 27, 2015
by Carson Campbell

Different Hemispheres, Same Construction Projects This picture is titled “North Tower Suspension Bridge” and was created by Baldwin Locomotive Works. It is part of a series of photos focused on the Mapimi Railroad in Durango, Mexico, all of which were taken within a period … Continue reading

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