Edges of Empire

KNW 2399: Edges of Empire


Picture #1: Dead outside Mexico City

The picture from first glance looks very sobering, an empty square around what appears to be a town hall or some major government building. The square however, is littered with human bodies and even a horse carcass. The bodies are dressed in vests and hats which appear to be people who could have been revolting or protesting. The interesting portion of this photograph is firstly that the bodies are left in the street. This is a classic attempt to show dominance and instill fear in the public.



Picture #2: Bengal Nagpur Railroad Construction

This picture takes in what seems to be rural India, the lush landscape of trees and hills has been slashed down and excavated due to the construction of a new railroad. The vast landscape is filled with lines of people all traveling along these narrow dirt roads. In this picture, despite being small, one can still see tools in these half dressed natives. This picture shows the horrible working conditions that the native workers are subjected to.

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