Edges of Empire

KNW 2399: Edges of Empire

Labor Forces in Mexico and India


In this image one can immediately see three Mexican male workers. They are dressed in breathable casual clothes, their outfits show the status in which they are categorized in society. Noticing how hunched all the men are I can conclude the barrels they are carrying must be heavy. The heaviness on their backs shows a bigger picture of how their class in society is being exploited to do more work than necessary. Being a staged photo can signify how the photographer is trying to depict Mexican labor workers as overworked. Overall I feel this photograph describes the struggles faced by the low class society in Mexico.

This image shows eight Indian males. Each one is wearing a wrap around their heads in order to keep heat away. Everyone is dressed in white outfits, but I noticed all of them have knee length skirts on. They seem to be picking cotton and putting it in a basket. None of them are communicating towards each other making me suspect that there is a time frame in which they have to finish their work. Lastly I can notice that all the men seem very tired and ready for the day to be over. This makes me question why some of them are resting while the others are working.

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