Edges of Empire

KNW 2399: Edges of Empire

The Colonized Worker



The title of this photograph is “Agrees, or Salt Cultivators of Salsette”, and the photographer is William Johnson. The direction the people in this photograph face is really interesting, as two of the subjects are facing rightward, one is facing leftward, and one is directly facing the camera. Both women and one man are standing, with the second man sitting down and leaning on a pole. There appears to be a fence that the standing subjects are leaning on. In the background, there are ruins of old buildings and general floral overgrowth. You can deduct from the facial expressions that these people are tired, most likely from work. Their garments are also rather basic, and they lack shoes, leading me to believe that they are not wealthy. This photo raises the questions of it they have just completed a long day of work, and what their living conditions are like, given their surroundings and dress.

The title of this photograph is “Selling Flowers at Market near Cathedral City of Mex.”, photographed by C.B. Waite. The main subjects of the photo are flower merchants, who are dressed in all white and seated on the ground and benches. In front of the merchants lay spreads of flowers, almost wreath like, and around them walk shoppers. This appears to take place in a city center area, almost an urban park like setting. In the background, there appears to be a large tent, possibly the main market area. The peripheral subjects (that is, the shoppers) are blurred, which makes the photo appear semi-candid, because not all of the people are still.  This photograph raises the question of if these flower merchants also grow the flowers outside of the city, or if they simply buy the flowers from farmers.

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