Edges of Empire

KNW 2399: Edges of Empire

Poor Mexican Family


Title: Mexican Family at Home Photographer: Unkown

Photograph 6: Mexican Family at Home

This photograph shows a rural Mexican family consisting of a man and a woman, a son, two daughters and an infant child. Looking at this photograph, one can see that this family lives in poverty. Their clothing is torn and simplistic and the young son is barefoot and seems to not be wearing any clothes other than his shirt. Their thatched house seems to be made in a traditional manner, stacking mud bricks to form the walls and weaving together whatever they could find on the ground to create a roof. It is obvious that the man works long hours in the sun, as his skin is dark and his complexion is wrinkled. What the man does to support his family is unknown, but he could be a weaver who creates bed mats, baskets or other hand made products. There is a vast discrepancy between the lower class of Mexico and the elite, and that can be seen clearly within this picture by the way the family looks and how they present themselves. Pictures of the elite in Mexico are shown composed with light skin, and dressed in expensive clothes from Europe. This photograph shows a vast contradiction.

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