Reference Collections

Southwest Ceramic Type Collection

DescriptionThe ARC manages a large ceramic type collection from the U.S. Southwest.  This type collection was initially built by Fred Wendorf, and has continued to be expanded since the 1960s.  The type collection is housed in the Southwest Archaeology Laboratory of the Department of Anthropology at SMU, and is available for use by visiting researchers.

Historic Brick Type Collection

Description: The ARC controls a large collection of historic bricks obtained from known manufacturers in North Texas.  Many of these bricks derive from archaeological projects conducted by the ARP, as well as from construction sites in the Dallas area.

Historic Ceramics

Description: The ARC has a moderately sized reference collection of historic ceramics, primarily dating from the early 19th century to the early 20th century, for use in identifying archaeological specimens.

Clisby-Sears Pollen Reference Collection

Description: The Clisby-Sears Pollen Reference collection consists of several thousand reference slides (and accompanying documentation) of pollen grains.  The collection is primarily focused on plants from the U.S. Southwest and northern Africa.