Gifted Objects

Kinross-Wright Collection

Date of Gift: 1970

Donor: John Kinross-Wright, Houston, Texas

Accession Number: 1970–2

Current Status: Retrieved by donor in 1976; No longer at SMU

Description: 28 Stone Age implements from England; 14 Stone Age implements from Ireland; 2 Stone Age implements from Denmark; 5 Stone Age implements from Switzerland; 2 Axes from Ohio; 2 Axes from New Guinea; 1 Axe from New Zealand; 15 Bronze Age implements from England and Ireland.

Comments: Kinross-Wright contacted SMU in 1976 to request return of the collection.  Although there is no deaccession form on file, we have copies of his correspondence.  Given that there is no record of this collection in any box-level inventory, nor is there any paperwork related to it after 1976, it is presumed that Kinross-Wright withdrew the collection on or after 1976.

Lare Collection

Date of Gift: 1973

Donor: Lare [No other information available]

Accession Number: 1973–1

Current Status: Active display

Description: 4 modern ceramic objects: (1) Standing figurine with hands on stomach; (2) Standing figurine with hands on stomach with hole for emptying in top of head; (3) Pot of seated figure with hands across knees; (4) Pot with frog crawling on one end.

Webb Ethnographic Collection

Date of Gift: June 6, 1937

Donor: William A. Webb

Accession Number: 1973–3

Current Status: Deaccessioned to Webb family in 2016; No longer at SMU

Description: Collection of Australian aboriginal ethnographic materials

Comments: This collection was donated to SMU in 1937, and eventually was transferred to the Shuler Museum of Paleontology.  The collection was transferred to the Department of Anthropology in 1973.  Collection was deaccessioned back to the Webb family in 2016.

Pryor Ethnographic Collection

Date of Gift: May 5, 1977

Donor: Donald D. Pryor, Dallas, Texas

Accession Number: 1977–1

Current Status: Available for viewing

Description: (1) Blowgun and quiver from the Philippines; (2) Barong with silver-coated blade; (3) Five small carved wooden figurines; (4) Opium pipe

Dickinson Ethnographic Collection

Date of Gift: May 31, 1979

Donor: Merle Dickinson, Garland, Texas

Accession Number: 1979–1

Current Status: Available for viewing

Description: Four steel knives with engraved dedications, one fishing weapon, one 20″ statue of a headhunter.

Comments: Items were gifts to Mrs. Dickinson and her husband from local tribes in the Philippines during WWII.  The 20″ statue is presently unaccounted for.

Greek Amphorae and Fragments

Date of Gift: December 2, 1979

Donor: Jack Nelson, Dallas, Texas

Accession Number: 1979–3

Current Status: Active display

Description: Two reconstructed Greek amphorae and 58 neck and base fragments

Peruvian Shrunken Head

Date of Gift: March 23, 1981

Donor: James Garrah, Dallas, Texas

Accession Number: 1981–1

Current Status: Unknown

Description: One “shrunken head” acquired by the donee in Peru and gifted to the Department of Anthropology at SMU. Notes indicate that this is a monkey skull, not human.

Comments: This donation has not been located, and no record of this item has been found excepting the donation documents.  Item likely deaccessioned without documentation prior to 1991.

Hodge Collection

Date of Gift: June 29, 1982

Donor: John E. Hodge, Dallas, Texas

Accession Number: 1982–1

Current Status:Available for viewing

Description: Two complete Late Mississippian vessels:  (1) Bell Plain jar, (2) Barton Incised jar.  No provenience information was conveyed with either jar, though they are suspected of coming from either Louisiana or Mississippi.

Shugart Collection

Date of Gift: February 24, 1984

Donor: Thomas E. Shugart, Garland, Texas

Accession Number: 1984–1

Current Status: Teaching collection

Description: 17 projectile points surface collected from the San Marcos (Texas) area

Martavans and Amphora

Date of Gift: October 27, 1986

Donor: Joel Cooner, Rudi South, Inc., Dallas, Texas

Accession No.: 1986–2

Current Status: In storage

Description: 2 martavans and 1 Greek amphora

Comments: The martavans and amphora were previously on display after having been reconstructed.  Items are currently in storage.  The items were donated after having been broken.

Atkins Ethnographic Collection

Date of Gift: February 19, 1988

Donor: Theodore H. Atkins, Dallas, Texas

Accession Number: 1988–1

Current Status: Unknown

Description: 10 carved figures from Biak, 5 knives, 1 spear, and 1 woven bag from Biak.

Comments: This collection has not been located, and no documentation after its donation has been found.

Boyce-Thomas Collection

Date of Gift: September 21, 1989

Donor: Jane Boyce Thomas, Dallas, Texas

Accession Number: 1989–1

Current Status: Teaching collection

Description: Small quantity of assorted sherds and lithics surface collected from unknown contexts in the northern Rio Grande.