Bulk Collections

Lloyd Harper Archaeological Collection

Accession Number: NA

Description: Harper was an amateur archaeologist from Dallas who was involved with both the Dallas Archaeological Society and the Tarrant County Archaeological Society.  This collection was not assigned an accession number, and no documentation of when it arrived has yet been located in our records. This collection comprises 55 boxes of artifacts, mostly from localities and Texas, as well as a series of Texas highway maps showing collection localities.  This collection has not yet been fully inventoried.

J.W. Best Archaeological Collection

Accession Number: 1973–2

DescriptionA collection of several hundred artifacts donated by James William Best of Dallas, Texas.  Items in the collection are primarily from the U.S. Midwest and Southeast.

James M. Collins Archaeological Collection

Accession Number: 1992–1

Description: This collection comprises several hundred boxes of artifacts collected or purchased by James M. Collins, an American businessman and Republican representative for the Third Congressional District of Texas (1968–1983)

E. Blount Wallace Archaeological Collection

Accession Number: 1979–2

Description: This collection comprises 773 artifacts donated by Eugenia Blount Wallace and her husband Charles B. Wallace of Dallas.  All of the artifacts derive from the P. L. Garrison Ranch in Bandera County, Texas.

A. H. Witte Archaeological Collection

Accession Number: 1986–1

Description: This collection comprises 29 boxes (Riker mounts) of artifacts collected by Adolph H. Witte of Henrietta, Texas, an amateur archaeologist active in North Texas during the first half of the twentieth century.