My Ancestors

Thomas Michael
and Elizabeth Lewis

(GGG Grandparents)

Daniel and Eliza
W. D. Lewis

(GG Grandparents)

Daniel Boone
and Ella Ruth Lewis

(G Grandparents)

Annie Myrtle
and E. H. Wade Sr

(Paternal Grandparents)

Edgar Houston  Jr and
Tommie Lou Wade


William Lewis
(Great Great Uncle)

Henry Michael Lewis
(Great Great Uncle)

Fannie Lewis
(Great Great Aunt)



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Kaufman County, TX




Daniel Boone and Ella Ruth Lewis

Daniel Boone Lewis ("Boone") was born on March 6, 1856 in Morganfield, Kentucky to Daniel Lewis and Eliza W. D. Tyler. (1)  Daniel married Ella Ruth Neel about 1875; she is the daughter of Benjamin F. Neel and Elizabeth Ann Holt.  Ella, born on May 14, 1857, was a twin to her sister Emma. 

Although Boone and Ella were both raised in Morganfield and lived there during their early marriage years, their daughters, Hattie and Myrtle, were born in Illinois in 1883 and 1886 respectively.   Boone and Ella are not found on the Census Records after their marriage in 1875 until the year 1910 (2) when they are living in Mabank, Texas.   According to the The History of Mabank Texas, published by The Mabank Sesquicentennial History Book Committee, 1987, Boone and Ella left McLeansboro, Illinois by train with their children, Calvin, George, Josephine, Hattie, and Myrtle, and Earl, and traveled to Texas in 1891. They arrived in Kemp, Texas where Boone's brother Benjamin met the family and took them by horse and wagon to Prairieville, Texas.  According to Jean Harrup (granddaughter of Josie), the family sang on the train and entertained everyone on their way to Texas.  The family settled on the Taylor Ranch in Prairieville, but when Boone discovered that the railroad would not come through Prairieville, he moved to Mabank.

Family stories indicate that Boone was a serious businessman and very frugal with his money. He may have owned a restaurant or a store, but he was also a farmer.  He and Ella had the following six children:

  1. Calvin Hamner Lewis (b. May 7, 1876; d. November 7, 1934 in Mabank Texas) married Mattie Louise Pollock (b. December 1876; died 1927). (3)

  2. Josephine (Josie) Emma Lewis (b. February 11, 1878 in Morganfield, Kentucky; d. September 25, 1955) married Samuel (Sam) Pollock (b. April 3, 1874; d. January 16, 1916) on January 3, 1895 in Prairieville, Texas.  Sam and Josie had the following children:  Emmie; Howard James; Ottice (Ott)Dewey; Jewell; Iva Myrtle; Opal Alice; Ruby; Dessie Golden; and Willie Mae. (3)

  3. George Henry Lewis (b. January 3, 1881 in Morganfield, Kentucky; d. May 18, 1976 in Athens, Texas) married Hattie Marable.  Great Uncle George lived in Mabank for 85 years and died at the age of 95 years.  He is buried in the Oaklawn Cemetery of Mabank, Texas.  George and Hattie had two children:  Willie Jo and Herman. (3)

  4. Hattie Lewis (b. December 3, 1883 in Illinois; died April 22, 1965) married Tony Hyde Reid. (3)

  5. Annie Myrtle Lewis (b.  April 27, 1886 in Illinois; d. February 7, 1958 in Dallas, Texas) (4) married Edgar Houston Wade, Sr. (b. November 28, 1881 in Morgan County, Alabama; d. February 24, 1960 in Dallas, Texas).  Myrtle and Ed married on May 2, 1907 in Mabank, Texas. (5)  They had the following children:  Ella Ruth; Edgar Houston, Jr.; and James Horace.

  6. Earl D. Lewis (b. June 22, 1898 in Mabank, Texas; d. April 21, 1955). (3)


    Sam and Josie Pollock
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    Hattie Lewis
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    Annie Myrtle Lewis
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Boone Lewis
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Boone Lewis and Grandson Leon
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Ella Ruth Lewis
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Ella died on September 21, 1917, in Mabank, Texas at the age of 60 years.  Boone lived for 17 more years and later married Mollie Whitehead in Mabank, Texas.  Boone died at 78 years on June 14, 1934 and is buried next to Ella Ruth in the Elm Grove Cemetery of Mabank, Texas.


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2. 1910 Kaufman County, TX Census Records, Boone is living in Mabank at age 55, with his wife Ella, age 52, and son Earl, age 11. On Boone's occupation, the Census has "Own Income." In that same year, Boone's son Calvin and wife Mattie, both age 33, and Ray, age 10. Occupation for Calvin states "Keeper of Restaurant." For Mattie it states, "Assistant Keeper."
3.  Research by Donna Lynn Pollock.
4.  Death Certificate #7839 Recorded in Dallas, Dallas County, TX. 
5.  Marriage Records of Kaufman County, Texas.