My Ancestors

Thomas Michael
and Elizabeth Lewis

(GGG Grandparents)

Daniel and Eliza
W. D. Lewis

(GG Grandparents)

Daniel Boone
and Ella Ruth Lewis

(G Grandparents)

Annie Myrtle
and E. H. Wade Sr

(Paternal Grandparents)

Edgar Houston Jr and
Tommie Lou Wade


William Lewis
(Great Great Uncle)

Henry Michael Lewis
(Great Great Uncle)

Fannie Lewis
(Great Great Aunt)



Rootsweb Data

Jefferson, KY





Henry Michael Lewis was born in Louisville, Kentucky to Thomas Michael Lewis and Maria Elizabeth Omer; he was their third son born on August 10, 1816.  Henry Michael became fatherless at age two when his father was murdered in 1818 while traveling to Philadelphia to buy store supplies. His mother, Elizabeth later remarried in 1831 when Henry Michael was 15 years old.  Elizabeth sent Henry Michael to school for six years and then she arranged for him to work on a farm; the first year he made $30 and the second year he made $35.  At 17 years, Henry Michael left home to "make his own way,"and in 1837 he married Sarah Kelly.  (2) Henry Michael and Sarah moved to Camp Point Illinois where he built a home and raised a family.  When Henry Michael retired he owned a thousand acres of land; he gave each of his sons 80 acres and his daughters $4,000 each. (1) He and Sarah had the following children: (3)


Samuel K. Lewis (b. August 13, 1840; d. April 13, 1918) married Elizabeth Anders.


John Lewis (b. April 10, 1844; d. January 14, 1933) married Lettie Hedges.


Sarah Jane Lewis (b. February 22, 1846; d. February 26, 1931) married Samuel Manhollan


Martha Lewis (b. November 25, 1847; April 7, 1931) married Robert Hoke


Susan Lewis (b. December 2, 1849; May 24, 1946) married Richard Curry


William Michael Lewis (b. July 23, 1851 in Camp Point, Illinois; d. February 24, 1941); married Mary Ann (Mollie) Mills (b. October 4, 1857).  William Michael and Mollie were married on December 27, 1876.


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Jennifer Armenia Lewis (b. December 24, 1852; d. September 10, 1933)


Joann Lewis (b. October 22, 1854; d. November 25, 1933)


Henry Jeff Lewis (b. January 12, 1857; d. January 27, 1933)


Daley C. Lewis (b. May 23, 1859; d. April 19, 1939)


Elizabeth (Lizzie) A. Lewis (b. January 10, 1862; d. April 6, 1950)


Charlie E. Lewis (b. September 17, 1864; d. September 24, 1952) married Bertha Amanda Pierce





On March 21, 1910, at age 93 years, 7 months, and 11 days, Henry Michael Lewis died at his home in Camp Point, Illinois.  Funeral services were held at the Christian church on Thursday, March 24, and he was buried at Pleasant View Cemetery.
















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