My Ancestors

Thomas Michael
and Elizabeth Lewis

(GGG Grandparents)

Daniel and Eliza
W. D. Lewis

(GG Grandparents)

Daniel Boone
and Ella Ruth Lewis

(G Grandparents)

Annie Myrtle
and E. H. Wade Sr


Edgar Houston Jr and
Tommie Lou Wade


William Lewis
(Great Great Uncle)

Henry Michael Lewis
(Great Great Uncle)

Fannie Lewis
(Great Great Aunt)






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Jefferson, KY

Kaufman County, TX





Daniel Lewis was the firstborn son of Thomas Michael Lewis and Maria Elizabeth Omer; he was born in Louisville, Kentucky on December 10, 1810.  His father, Thomas Michael, was murdered in 1818 while traveling to Philadelphia to buy store supplies, and left Daniel without a father when he was 8 years old. His mother, Elizabeth later remarried but not until 1831 when Daniel was a young man at the age of 21.  Daniel married Eliza W. D. Tyler on May 1, 1834, in Jefferson County, Kentucky; Daniel was 24 and Eliza was 18 years old (1) .  Eliza W. D. was born in Kentucky on May 5, 1816 to James Williams Tyler and Sarah Duncan.  

Although Daniel and Eliza were both raised in Louisville, Kentucky, he and Eliza left that area prior to 1850 and settled in the Northwestern part of Kentucky -- Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky.  (As noted below, an obituary for Daniel's fifth child states that he was born on a steamboat on the Ohio River when his family was moving in 1845.)  Morganfield Census records for 1850, 1860, and 1870 show that Daniel and Eliza were living there with their children (2,3,4).  Daniel's occupation was a farmer, but family stories say that he was also a merchant who would frequently make business trips on the Ohio River. 


Daniel and Eliza had the following children:

  1. Mary Ann Lewis (b. 1837) married Rufus W. Jeffries (b. 1832) on January 13, 1855.  Mary Ann and Rufus had the following children:  George W.; James T.; John; and Mary. (5)

  2. William H. Lewis (b. November 18, 1839; d. May 12, 1868).

  3. Adeline Lewis (b. 1841) married Sidney V. Labe.

  4. Mary Ellen Lewis (b. November, 1844; d. April 17, 1873) married Harrison Taylor on November 1, 1866.  Harrison was born  in 1836.  On the Census Records for Morganfield, Kentucky, Mary E. Taylor is living with her parents, Daniel and Eliza, at age 54.  She is buried next to her parents in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Caseyville, Kentucky.

  5. John S. Connally Lewis (b. May 19, 1845; d. February 26, 1931; buried in Elm Grove Cemetery, Mabank, Texas on February 27, 1931).  According to the Mabank obituary, he was born on a steamboat on the Ohio River. "Uncle Connally" was married in Kentucky and had two children. Both wife and children died. He later moved to Garden City, Kansas where he became prominent in politics and was a county attorney.  He moved to Mabank 18 years prior to his death.

  6. James W. (JWT) Lewis (b. January 3, 1849 in Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky; d. December 2, 1924 in Kaufman County, Texas).  JWT married Mattie A. in Shawneetown, Illinois, and had the following children:  William H.; Rosa C.; Maud; and Katie.  Mattie was born in Louisville, Kentucky in November 1845 and died in Oklahoma on April 22, 1931. (6)

  7. Benjamin Franklin Lewis (b. September 7, 1852 in Morganfield, Kentucky; d. October 7, 1933 in Kaufman County, Texas).  Ben was married to Fannie Pope Duncan (b. December 15, 1858 in Morganfield, Kentucky; d. January 1, 1945 in Mabank, Texas).  Ben and Fannie were married on February 17, 1872 in Kentucky and had the following children:  Dave; James H; Edward (Eddie); Jessie Lee; Marshal Ray; Cora; Bertha; Earnest; and John. (7)

  8. Daniel Boone Lewis (b. March 6, 1856 in Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky; d. June 14, 1934 in Mabank,  Texas).  "Boone" married Ella Ruth Neel (b. May 14, 1857 in Morganfield, Kentucky; d. September 21, 1917 in Mabank, Texas).  Ella's parents were Benjamin F. Neel and Elizabeth Ann Holt.  "Boone"and Ella were married in 1875 and had the following children: Calvin Hamner; Josephine (Josie) Emma; George Henry; Hattie; Annie Myrtle; and Earl D. (8)

  9. Molly Agnes Lewis (b. July 24, 1857 in Morganfield, Kentucky; d. about 1936 in Jackson County, Oklahoma).  Molly married David Harrison Neel (b. March 1845; d. March 1, 1901 in Prairieville, Texas).  Molly and David were married on December 29, 1873 in Morganfield, Kentucky and had the following children:  Percy; Carl; Addie Lee; James F.; Fannie B.; Elizabeth (Bettie); Claude Elmo; Mamie Lou; and Eva May. (9)

Daniel died on July 7, 1887 at the age of 77; family stories tell that he died from being thrown off of a horse. Eliza at, age 59, died on September 12, 1875 in Kentucky; they are both buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, Caseyville, Kentucky next to their daughter Mary Ellen.



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