• A tutorial of the immersed interface method (IIM) for fluid-solid interactions, in preparation. (This book will use the codes in a CFD package that I have been developing to cover the theory and practice of the IIM.)
  • An introduction to scientific computing with Matlab and Python Tutorial, Taylor & Francis, 2022. It is available on Amazon (Link) and the web site of the publisher (Link). (This book is intended to serve as a textbook for MATH3315 and MATH4315 – Introductory Scientific Computing at SMU.)


To request a package, please email me.

  • Fluid-solid interactions with deformable objects: IIM2dFSI (2D), IIM3dFSI (3D)
  • Flow around rigid objects: IIM2dSR (serial, 2D, smooth rigid  objects), IIM2dR (serial, 2D), IIM2dMPI (parallel, 2D), IIM3dSR (serial, 3D, smooth rigid objects), IIM3dR (serial, 3D),  IIM3dMPI (parallel, 3D)
  • Two-fluid flows: IIM2d2F (serial, 2D)
  • Newtonian dynamics of a wing-body insect model: FlappingFree


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