Prospective Students

I am looking for students with anthropological research interests in chronic disease (particularly diabetes), diagnosis, and family/communal aspects of care.

SMU offers a (terminal) M.A., which is an ideal degree for clinical and applied researchers seeking to bolster their research skills for a career in health care or the health arena.  Our Ph.D. program (which awards an M.A. degree en route) prepares students for either applied research or academic careers. My doctoral students typically:

  • Enjoy 7 required graduate seminars in anthropology history/theory/methods plus a minimum of 4 specialized seminars in medical anthropology.
  • Receive ample departmental and/or university funds to conduct Masters level or pre-dissertation research in their field site. Funds for conferences are also available on a competitive basis.
  • Get intensive supervision from me in grant-writing and research, either your own or short-term work on one of my projects. For example, I encourage and help my first-year students to prepare a GRFP proposal.

Please email me to discuss SMU, my research, and your goals.