Courses & Lectures

SMU Courses:
ANTH 2301 – Introductory Cultural Anthropology
ANTH/SOCI 3301 – Health, Healing and Ethics
ANTH 3306 – Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3348 – Health as a Human Right (co-listed with CFB 3348 and HRTS 3348)
ANTH 3350 – Good Eats, Forbidden Flesh: Culture, Food and the Global Grocery Market
ANTH 4303/6303 – Political Economy of Health
ANTH 4307/6307 – Global and Public Health ANTH 4343/6343 – Biomedicine, Culture, and Power
ANTH 4309 – Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples & Nation-States
ANTH 5335 – History of Anthropology, Part 2
ANTH 5336 – Health in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 6312 – Contemporary Theory in Anthropology
ANTH 6316 – Adv. Seminar in Ethnology I: Chronicity and the Anthropology of Illness
ANTH 6316 – Adv. Seminar in Ethnology I: Globalization and Health
Public Lectures:
Health & Healthcare

“Academic-Clinical Partnerships in Global Health: An Anthropology-Transplant Collaboration”.
“Cultural Competency and Migrant Health”.
“Culture and Health Beliefs in Medical Care”.
“Health Inequity and Chronic Disease”.
“Social Determinants of Health”.
“What’s Your Diagnosis: The Changing Nature of Disease and Prognosis in the Biotechnological Age”.

Cross-Cultural Health Ethics:

“Bioethics and Moral Hazard in Short-Term International Medical Training”.
“Bioethics in Cross-Cultural Perspective”.
“Health as a Human Right – Cultural Relativism in Universal Discourses”.
“Questioning Our Principles: Anthropology and Ethics in Clinical Care”.
“The Ethics of Research in Indian Country: An Anthropological Perspective”.

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