TEKS Covered by the Documents on this Website

(These may not cover the entire TEKS subgroup, just a portion of it)

  • Declaration of Independence- DI
  • Danbury Letter-DL
  • American Vine-V
  • Memorial and Remonstrance-MR
  • Constitution-C


8TH Grade TEKS covered

4a V
4b DL
4c DI,V,C
4d C
15b C
15c DI
25a DL,MR,C
25b DL,MR,V
25c DL,MR,C


High School Government TEKS covered

1b MR,V,C
1c DI,MR,C
1d DI,DL,C
1e C
1f DI,DL
7a C
7g DL,MR,C