Discussion Questions

The following sets of discussion questions correspond to each major topic of The American Vine context.

1775 Discussion Questions

1.  What effects did the year of 1775 have on Duché’s sermon?

  1. What was the significance of the Olive Branch Petition?
  1. What were the religious connections in the Quebec Act?
  1. What did the Second Continental Congress accomplish?

 Reverend Jacob Duché Discussion Questions

  1. Do Duché’s theological beliefs match the religious message imbedded in his sermon?
  1. What do you think about Duche’s change of heart and his letter to Washington? Are his ideas about politics in The American Vine very different than those in his letter to Washington?
  1. Which document seems to match his ideology and theology better, his letter to Washington or The American Vine?

Psalm 80 Discussion Questions

  1. What are the parallels between the condition of the Israelites of Psalm 80 and the American colonists of 1775?
  1. How does Duché use the image of the vine to explain the environment of 1775?
  1. How does a biblical perspective influence our view of history?
  1. Discuss how divine providence and the concept of virtue tie into The American Vine through Psalm 80.

Fast Day Discussion Questions

  1. Does Duché follow the model of a typical fast day sermon in The American Vine?
  1. Does Duché incorporate a political message into his sermon? If so, what is it and how does it relate to his religious message?