After winning the English National Opera “Miniopera” Competition, an international contest that took place in three exciting stages and judged by Neil Gaiman and Jeremy Sams, Lori Ann found herself creating stories and lyrics for commissioned pieces in America and in England.


Rubie’s Lament, an aria in MOBILE HOME, a commissioned opera-in-progress with composer Charlie McCarron, was performed by Opera on Tap in Minneapolis in 2015 and by Southern Methodist University’s talented opera singers at an Opera Free for All in 2014. Click here to see the performance and libretto.

Rubie's Lament

Rubie’s Lament


Évariste, a short original opera about the 19th century mathematician Évariste Galois, debuted in London’s Courtauld Gallery in July 2015. Two more performances were part of London’s Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival. The composer, Helgi Ingavarrson, currently resides in London.

Evariste at the Courtauld Gallery“Évariste, composed by Helgi R. Ingvarsson, is a re-enactment of the life of French mathematics genius Évariste Galois. It depicts his struggles with love interest Stéphanie and his failed examination at the Polytechnique institute. Choral scholar Jonathan Hyde gives a heart-breaking performance as the vulnerable and obsessive Évariste with soaring mezzo-soprano Freya Jacklin as the selfish Stéphanie. Three examiners [ Callie Swarbrick, Claire Bournez and Christian Valle] sing operatically and move like dancers, and, together [with] a small ensemble, produce a highly dramatic opera that grabs the audience’s attention with touching music that captures the intensity and tragedy taking place on stage.”
Mary Grace Nguyen at

Click on the picture below to take you to the live performance of Évariste.

Evariste company debuting in London

Two more performances were part of London’s Tête-à-Tête Opera fest. The composer, Helgi Ingavarrson, currently resides in London.



“The Lingerer” won the English National Opera’s “Miniopera” Competition,which brought worldwide librettists, composers, and filmmakers together for collaboration. Max Perryment, a London-based composer who was also a finalist in the same competition, is working with Lori on more collaborations. Performance: Fall 2014 at the Meadows School of the Arts, SMU.