Clements Scientific Computing Seminar

Fall, 2019 (126 Clements Hall)

  • September 19,  Thursday, 3:45pm,  Jiequn Han, Math., Princeton University
  • October 3, Thursday, 3:45pm,  Chiwang Shu, Applied Math, Brown University
  • October  17, Thursday, 3:45 pm
  • October  31, Thursday, 3:45pm,   Guillaume Bal,  Stats and MathU. of Chicago
  • November 14, Thursday, 3:45pm, Max Gunzburger, Dept of Sci. Compt, FSU
  • November 21, Thursday, 3:45pm,  Xiaoliang Wan, Math, LSU

Spring, 2019 (126 Clements Hall)

  • February 7, Thursday, 3:45 pm, Guofei Pang, Applied Math, Brown, Physics-informed neural networks: A deep learning framework for solving forward and inverse problems of PDEs and fractional PDEs
  • February 28, Thursday, 3:45 pm, Eitan Tadmor, Math, Univ. of Maryland, Emergent behavior in collective dynamics
  • March 20, Wednesday, 3:30 pm, Greg Gbur, Physics, UNC Charlotte, Infinite Hotels in Swirling Beams of Light
  • April 4,  Thursday, 3:45 pm, Shiwei Zhang, Physics, WM, Flatiron Institute, Ab- initio computations in quantum many-body systems 
  • April 10, Wednesday, 3:30pm, Elton Hsu, Math, Northwestern, Brown motions, history, theory, and application
  • April 18,  Thursday, 3:45 pm, Longfei Li, Math, LSU, A stable partitioned FSI algorithm for incompressible flow and deforming beams
  • May 2,  Thursday, 3:45 pm, Jianfeng Lu, Math, Duke, Solving large-scale leading eigenvalue problem


Fall, 2018 (126 Clements Hall)

  • September 6, Thursday, 3:45pm, Mi Sun Min, Math & CS, Argonne National Lab, High-order methods for multi-physics applications
  • September 20,  Thursday, 3:45pm, Zhiqing Xu, Courant Institute,Understanding training and generalization in deep learning through Fourier analysis
  • October 3, Wednesday, 3:30pm, Chia Wei Hsu, Physics, Yale, Bound states in the continuum and transmission eigenchannels in complex media
  • November 1, Thursday, 3:45 pm, Qing Nie, Math, UCI, Data-driven multiscale modeling of cell fate dynamics
  • November 8, Thursday, 3:45pm,  Ming Gu, Math, Berkeley, Advanced techniques for low-rank matrix approximation
  • November 15, Thursday, 3:45pm, Eric Michielssen, E.E., U. of Michigan, Butterfly+ Fast Direct Solvers for Highly Oscillatory Problems
  • November 29, Thursday, 3:45pm, Liliana Borcea , Math, U. of Michigan, Reduced order model for active array data processing in inverse scattering 

Spring, 2018 (126 Clements Hall)

  • February 8, Thursday, 3:45pm,   Mamikon Gulian, Applied Math, Brown, Fractional Laplacians in Bounded Domains, Levy Processes, and Feynman-Kac Formulas
  • February 22, Thursday, 3:45pm,  Prof. Jianguo Liu, Math, Duke, Analysis of some machine learning algorithms:  stochastic gradient descent and online PCA
  • March 15, Thursday, 3:45pm,  Prof. Anne Gelb, Math, Dartmouth, Reducing the effects of bad data measurements using variance based weighted joint sparsity
  • March 29, Thursday, 3:45pm, Prof. George Biros, ICES, UT Austin, Randomized linear algebra for hierarchical and kernel matrices
  • April 12, Thursday, 3:45pm,  Prof. Michael Mascagni, Math & CS, Florida State, The “White Rat” of Numerical Reproducibility
  • April 26, Thursday, 3:45pm, Prof. Lin Lin, Math, Berkeley, Accelerating Hartree-Fock-like equations

Fall, 2017 (126 Clements Hall)

  • October 18, Wednesday, 3:30pm, Prof. Alex Figotin, Math, UC Irvin, Multi-transmission-line-beam interactive system
  • October 26, Thursday, 4:00pm,  Prof. George Yin, Math, Wayne State U., Switching Diffusions and Applications
  • November 16, Thursday, 4:00pm,  Prof. Lexing Ying, Math, Stanford, Entropic spectral methods for Boltzmann equation
  • November 30, Thursday, 4:00pm, Prof. Adrianna Gillman, Math, Rice, An efficient and high order accurate direct solution technique for variable coefficient elliptic PDEs