Research Interests & Publications:

Developing advanced fast stochastic and deterministic numerical methods to understand complex physical phenomena with a special focus on electromagnetic processes and wave scattering in random media.

  • Deep neural networks for wideband learning for quantum systems and high frequency wave scattering in random media
  • Fast multipole methods for wave source interactions in layered media
  • Hierarchical random compression methods for kernel matrices
  • Stochastic computing methods; Computational probability and Feynman-Kac representation of PDE solutions and E&M polarizability tensors of particle of complicated shapes
  • Computational biology, solvation, fast algorithms for electrostatics
  • Computational electromagnetics for wave scattering of meta-materials
  • Quantum transport   (Wigner transport and Non-equilibrium Green’s function methods)
  • Adaptive wavelet/multiscale methods
  • Monte Carlo and stochastic methods, Spectral methods, integral equation methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods

Book Publication

Computational Methods for Electromagnetic Phenomena – electrostatics in solvation, scattering, and electron transport


      • Brown University, 1989, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics
      • University of Science and Technology, China, 1985, M.S. in Applied Mathematics
      • University of Science and Technology, China, 1982, B.S. in Mathematics

Professional Experience

  • Southern Methodist University, 8/2017-present                                               Clements Chair of Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 8/1989 – 7/2017
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, 8/89-7/94
    • Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, 7/94-7/99
    • Professor, Department of Mathematics, 7/99-7/2017
  • University of California at Santa Barbara, 1/95-9/96
    • Assistant Professor V (off-scale), Department of Mathematics, 1/95-7/96
    • Associate Professor II (off-scale), Department of Mathematics, 7/96-9/96

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