I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University. My recent research examines the determinants of global structural change patterns; the macroeconomic implications of demographic change; the regional and aggregate implications of U.S. tariff changes; global supply chains; and dynamic gains from trade. Methodologically, my work bridges macroeconomics and international trade by developing techniques to quantitatively incorporate dynamics into multicountry trade models. Prior to joining SMU, I worked as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas where I regularly provided briefings to the Bank president on international economic developments.

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Southern Methodist University
Department of Economics
3300 Dyer St.
Dallas, TX 75275

msposi [at] smu [dot] edu


Methods for Solving Dynamic, Multicountry Trade Models
In recent papers I have developed methods to compute transitional dynamics in multicountry trade models, where dynamics occur through capital accumulation and current account imbalances. Here is a link to slides that I have used to give graduate lectures on these methods.