Netflix’s Ancient Apocalypse series uses ‘racist ideologies’ to rewrite Indo-Pacific history, experts say. ABC News (December 2022)

 “The SMU Professor Who Explodes Indiana Jones” D Magazine (July 2020)

Hitting the Books: Uncovering ancient civilizations with a plane and a prayer. Engadget, 2020.

Interview for Rapa Nui Journal, 2013 “Getting to Know You: Mark McCoy

“People transformed the world through land use by 3,000 years ago: Study sheds light on how the way our ancestors fed themselves changed our ecosystem.” Eureka Alert 

“Nan Madol: Atlantide nel Pacifico?” (Nan Madol: Atlantis in the Pacific?) CICAP. News story citing my research to debunk claims that Nan Madol was the mythic site of Atlantis. 

“Rising seas are threatening historical sites all around the world” Massive Science by Patty Hamrick.

“Flooding of Archaeological Sites in Hurricane Harvey Used to Prepare for Future Impacts of Megastorms” SMU Research News blog

“Island Chiefdom May Offer Insight Into Complex Societies” Archaeology Magazine 

“Mysterious Pacific island burial site is older than thought, study says” Fox News by Rob Verger.

“The making of Maori society: An archaeological analysis of social networks” SMU Research News blog 

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