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The Chris Ayotte Show

Chris and Jack discuss Jack’s latest book: 7 Secrets of the Spirit-Filled Life, delving deep into each of the seven strategies highlighted in the book

Episode 120: Jack Levison – The Spirit, Wind, & Breath of God in the Bible

The Bible for Normal People

Jack Levison discusses the Spirit of God in the Bible, addressing the relationship between the Spirit, Wind, & Breath of God

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Crackers & Grape Juice Podcast

Episode 296: Jack Levison – To The Bowels — Dr. Jack Levison discusses his recent book, An Unconventional God, which examines the role of the Holy Spirit in the Gospels

Episode 255: Jack Levison: Mouth-to-Mouth Re-Creation — Professor Jack Levison, author of numerous books including the recent works The Holy Spirit Before Christianity and Boundless God.

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A Catholic Perspective on Palliative Care

SiriusXM, Busted Halo

Jack Levison, Chair of Old Testament Interpretation at at Perkins School of Theology, and Dr. Robert Fine, a palliative care physician, stop by the studio to discuss the spirituality of end of life care, and what ancient texts can teach us about pain and suffering.

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Get your Spirit in Shape (Joe Iovino):

Joe Iovino sits down with Dr. Jack Levison Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Perkins School of Theology and the author of several books, helps us understand how the Holy Spirit infuses our ordinary days with the extraordinary presence of God. Jack talks specifically about Pentecost, Jesus’s baptism, and the way the Spirit works in our lives today.

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Good God Podcast

Jack Levison of SMU’s Perkins School of Theology joins George to discuss the mystery of the Holy Spirit.

Episode 92:  Jack Levison on the Spirit (spirit?) of God — …If you are confounded by questions like these about the elusive Spirit of God, particularly in the Judeo-Christian tradition, you’ll love this conversation between George and Jack Levison, who writes books

Episode 93: Jack Levison on Adam and Eve …Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve. But do you know what the biblical text actually says? You might not know the story as well as you think you do! This episode is a deep dive of interpretation into the creation of Adam and Eve and the subs…

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A Discussion on An Unconventional God & A Boundless God

Gospel Beautiful Podcast

Jack Levison: A Boundless God — This conversation features Dr. Jack Levison, W. J. A. Power Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Hebrew. We focus especially on Jack’s recent publication, A Boundless God: The Spirit According to the Old Testament

Jack Levison: An Unconventional God — We discuss his recently published book, An Unconventional God: The Spirit According to Jesus (Baker Academic). Jack has been doing field-shaping work on pneumatology for years. This book is profoundly insightful and deeply researched.

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Life in the Gray

Spirit in the Gray, Featuring Jack Levison — Is God’s Spirit only in Christians? What do Christians often misunderstand about the Holy Spirit? How does the Spirit confront injustice in our world? Joining us this episode is none other than renowned biblical scholar Jack Levison in one of our most lively, challenging, and thought-provoking discussions yet.

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The Ride Home with John & Kathy

The Ride Home

An Unconventional God … GUEST Dr Jack Levison

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