Greek Life of Adam and Eve

The Greek Life of Adam and Eve is a brooding epic that explores experiences of disease, death, and hope through a riveting reinvention of the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Seth. Now, for the first time, Jack Levison offers the English-speaking world its first comprehensive commentary on this saga. The introduction offers analyses, sweeping in scope and rich in detail, for which no comparable discussions exist in any language. Chapter one details literary character—narrative flow, characters, and reconstructions of literary growth. With consummate clarity, chapter two brings order to the scholarly chaos surrounding Greek manuscripts, Greek text forms, versions (Latin, Armenian, Georgian, Slavonic), and the history of research. Chapter three investigates provenance: external references to the Greek Life and evidence for either a Jewish or Christian origin; Levison demonstrates that arguments for either a Jewish or Christian provenance cannot bear the weight scholars have laid on them. The commentary is equally comprehensive, with far-reaching discussions of the Greek illuminated by the foreground of Jewish scripture and the milieu of ancient Greek and Hebrew literature. With a fresh translation and bibliography.