Seven Secrets of the Spirit-Filled Life

Imagine a world—YOUR world—full of renewal, purpose, and joy. Imagine purpose infusing your everyday tasks—what mystics and monks like to call your quotidian existence. Imagine joy suffusing anything you do, making a bed or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or even a mistake. Imagine, not just Spirit-filled worship or church but Spirit-filled LIFE, moment to moment, morning to night. Now, imagine a little travel-sized book with 49 super short chapters that can get you there. Seven Secrets of the Spirit-Filled Life.

I’ve written this guide for you and those you love (even those you don’t love—but maybe you’ll love them more after they mature by using this book!) to grow step by step, day by day, week by week (depending on how you use it), in partnership with the Holy Spirit, so that eventually you can experience your own personal Pentecost.

I’ve packed this beautiful little travel-sized book with biblical insights, practical strategies for living, focused prayers, and eight meaningful photos (taken by my son Jeremy) to capture each of the seven secrets of the Spirit-filled life.

So go ahead. Imagine you’re not just living but living into the Spirit-filled life. Then, by the time you’ve finished this little book, you won’t have to imagine a Spirit-filled life anymore. You’ll be able to live it day by Spirit-filled day.

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