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Professor Lischer has published articles in various professional journals and several Tax Management Portfolios including: Gifts, Gifts to Minors, Section 306 Stock, The Structure of The Federal Tax System of the United States, Incomplete Lifetime Transfers: Retained Beneficial Interests Under Sections 2036(a)(1) and 2037, and Incomplete Lifetime Transfers: Retained Powers Under Sections 2036(a)(2) and 2038. He is co-author of volumes 16, 16A, 17, 17A, and 18 of West Legal Forms, Estate Planning (4th ed. 2005), and co-author of volumes 11, 11A, 11B, 11C, and 11D of West’s Texas Forms, Estate Planning (3d ed. 2004). He has participated in numerous continuing legal education programs on the subject of taxation and estate planning. He received the First Class Finance Award from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of China for his service as SMU administrative director of the Academy of International Taxation. He was elected a Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel, and an Academic Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. He served as Professor-in-Residence on the staff of the Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C. He has taught Income Taxation, Corporate Taxation, Taxation of Business Entities, U.S. International Taxation, Tax Treaties, Taxation of Property Dispositions, Tax Accounting, Tax Practice and Professional Responsibility, Estate and Gift Taxation, Taxation and Fiscal Policy, United States Taxation of International Transactions (at University of Konstanz); Survey of U.S. Taxation (at University of Konstanz), Specific Tax Jurisdictions – North America (at University of New South Wales). He has been a visiting faculty member at the University of Konstanz, Germany; the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand; the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Georgetown University; and the Distinguished Visiting Chairholder at the University of Alabama.


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