Watch the video that high school student (and current SMU student) Raiya produced during her 2018 summer internship in the Son Lab.

Thiol-ene Chemistry

Thiol-ene and thiol-Michael reactions involve the addition of an S-H bond across a double or triple bond by either a free radical or ionic mechanism.

Degradable Polymers

Degradable polymers are of interest due to the worldwide plastics disposal problem.


Polyarylenes are highly aromatic polymers with interesting properties.


We are interested in using 3D printing with polymers to create devices of complex shape.


Paper accepted

Congrats to Steve, Trey, and Corrine for getting their paper “Synthesis, characterization, and nanoparticle formation of polyarylene poly(amic acid)s and polyimides containing fluorescent dye moieties” accepted to Polymer International!

Paper accepted

Congrats to Steve, Anderson, and Angelina for getting their paper “Phenylated Phenylenediamine and Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether Epoxy Networks” accepted to Journal of Applied Polymer Science!

Paper accepted

Congrats to Steve Budy for getting his paper entitled, “Ethynyl-functionalized BNNT and Preparation of Polyarylene-BNNT Nanocomposites”, accepted to Polymer!

Welcome Reyad!

The Son Lab welcomes new first-year graduate student Reyad A.!

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