GIS & Mapping

GIS & Mapping

Bringing together data to overlap social, economic and physical infrastructure of under-served neighborhoods in Dallas, research and design teams support neighborhood stakeholders though participatory mapping and community engagement.

Geo Design Cards

Exploiting both its spatial context and digital abstraction, student-designers can improve their design process by harnessing (GIS) mapping as a strategy for spatial exploration in site design.  Specific tactical mapping practices can be shown to extend the potential role of GIS beyond data visualization to ideation and form generation.

Created to support the generative design process for student-engineers ‘geo-design cards’ are a set of twelve tactical process.  Each card presents a way to exploit GIS data analysis-tools to support ideation and design.  Presented as a deck of cards, the geo-design cards imply a connection to ‘Play’ itself, which as a cognitive process itself, has links to communicative action and discovery.

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