Dr Jessie Zarazaga



PhD in Engineering, Applied Science, 2019     SMU, Dallas, USA

       “GIS Mapping as a Catalyst for Creative Site Design in Engineering Education”

(additional studies towards PhD) Dept. History & Theory of Arch, 2002    AA, London, UK

       “Scaling Territories: The Operation of Landscape Devices In the Urban Field”

RIBA Part III, 1998     Architectural Association, London UK

MA Dip. Arch. RIBA Part II, 1993    Cambridge University, UK

(visiting. Scholar), 1992     Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, USA 

BA Hons in Architecture (First Class), 1990     Cambridge University, UK 

BA Theatre Design (cum laude), 1987     Williams College, USA

1983     Walnut Hill School of the Performing Arts, Boston

1982     Maru a Pula Secondary School, Gaborone, Botswana



LEED AP, Accredited Professional, USGBC, since 2009

RIBA, Licensed Architect, Royal Institute of British Architects, (RIBA: 6392203), ARB 1984 (ARB: 062528K), 1998

AIA international associate, American Institute of Architects, 2001



2020                 Presenter, Caruth Institute for Engineering Education, Research Talks, “Inspiring Site design through Geo-Spatial Card-Play”

2020                 Speaker, City of Dallas GIS Day 2020 “NIMBY: Neighborhood Infrastructure in my Backyard: Research & community engagement through StoryMaps”

2020                  Session Panelist, Impact Nights for Agents of a Climate-Smart Inclusive Economy, “Can sustainable design reduce costs, improve health and build resilience?”

2019                 Invited Speaker, Caruth Institute for Engineering Education Fall Workshop “Rethinking Practices, Education & Engagement, Dallas TX. “Using GIS for Project-Based Learning and Community-Based Design Studies”

2019                 The Download @ Lyle Series: Coffee |Connection |Conversation Fall Breakfast Lecture Series, SMU “Using Maps and Data to Teach Design Thinking”

2019                 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference 2019 (LEES division) Tampa, Florida  “Deep Observation: Geo-Spatial Mapping as a Strategy for Site-Engagement and Problem-Design”

2019                 Panel moderator and Invited Symposium Commentator at Summary Session, EarthX Cities 2019, Dallas   “Resilience: Planning for, responding to, and Recovering from Extreme Weather Events.”

2019                  Invited speaker, 2019 Dallas Arboretum Food & Wine Festival “The Chef’s Garden: Roots on the Road” “How can Green be Greener?  Better practices in a reusable world.  Presented by EarthxTaste.

2019                 Observed Design Charrette, invited participant and team presenter, The “Agenda for a New Dallas Summit”, On transportation infrastructure in Dallas’ Southwest Sector, Coalition for a New Dallas and D Magazine.

2018                 ASEE Annual Conference 2018, Design in Engineering Education Division (DEED), Salt Lake City  “Mapping as Design Thinking: Can GIS Help Engineering Students Approach Design?”

2018                 ESRI Education Summit, GIS Creating Bridges, San Diego  “From Ideas to Infrastructures: Creative Connections in South Dallas”

2018                  Invited speaker Prism Panel Series, “Interdisciplinary Collaborations” SMU Libraries  “Communication, Community and Site: Interdisciplinary Challenges in Project base Teaching”

2018                 Introduction and host, DFW City Planners Forum, hosted by ULI, Harvard GIS and Hunt Institute SMU   “Our Region and Opportunity”

2017                 Urban Communication Foundation NCA Pre-Conference, SMU Dallas.   “Participatory Action Mapping as Research”

2017                 invited panel member at the Dallas Festival of Ideas, Dallas Conference Centre   “Equity in the Physical City”

2017                “New Cities/ Future Ruins: Art, Urbanism & Power in the Western Sunbelt’   “On Maps”, exhibition talk, invited speaker as part of cartography curatorial team

2016                 T3G ESRI Education Conference, invited participant, lighting talk:  “Does Making Maps help engineers be more creative?”

2015                 ‘Zooming Out to Zoom In’ panel at DFW Urban Summit, Invited speaker  ‘Going Big with Small Steps”

2015                 Nepal Earthquake organiser of group participation for Humanitarian Open Source Mapping, Hunt Institute SMU

2015                 SMU dept Sociology; SMU dept Anthropology, GIS & Mapping, Guest Workshops

2014                  Duke University, dept of African & African American Studies, Guest Lecture   “Maps Revealing the Public, The City as Theatre”

2014                 North Central Texas Council of Govt, Regional GIS Conference   “Why teach GIS to Engineers? Infrastructure as Landscape”

2014                 Lecture, Dallas City Hall GIS users’ group   “Why teach GIS to Engineering Students? Cultural Overlaps in Vickery Meadows “

2013                E&H 3, Hunt Institute for Humanity &Engineering, SMU  Water: Ripple Effects: Project manager, 1 week conference, water access, safety & distribution, particularly in disaster relief settings.  

2013                E&H 3, Hunt Institute for Humanity &Engineering ‘The Water Tap’ Designer of living village.

2012                 TEDxSMU 2012: ReTHink: invited speaker   “Suspended on the inland Sea: re-thinking Dallas a Landscape of Poetry”

2012                 bigBang! speaker, hosted by Dallas Social Venture Partners   “Mapping Dallas as a landscape”  

2010               Pechu-Kucha, Dallas Idea Week, public lecture event, Dallas Theatre   “Ritoque” 

2009                Two-day Workshop for DISD visual art students at the Dallas Museum of Flight, judge: P. Meadows.   “Inhabiting the Uncertain”

2007                 Dallas Architecture Forum Panel, a public lecture series.    “On the Acts of Mapping: Landscape, Structure & Perception”

2005                 Universidad Catolica Del Norte, Antofagasta, invited lecture series   “Que es Paisaje?”

2005                 disecciones 05, graduate school symposium, Universidad Catolica de Santiago, Chile, invited speaker     “Imaginary Cities”

2004                 The Terrain of Landscape and Architecture, juried Symposium, University of Newcastle, speaker at   “The Moving Horizon'”

2004                 Urban League, New York, Invited speaker and round table with A. Ponte and L. Pollak   “Why Landscape within Architecture?”


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