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In Spring 2017, I am teaching ECO 4271, Theory of Industrial Structure. The course uses the tools of game theory and microeconomic analysis to explain and evaluate market structure, firm strategy and the performance of markets in terms of static and dynamic welfare.

While I will post some course material here, please check the course’s Canvas page  for the most up-to-date information.



I have previously taught three other courses at SMU: intermediate mircoeconomics, financial economics and a course on antitrust policy and regulation. I am happy to provide student evaluations on request.

Teaching Statement

I have worked as a teaching assistant for

  • intermediate microeconomics,
  • master’s-level microeconomics,
  • financial economics,
  • master’s-level cost-benefit analysis, and
  • introductory micro- and macro-economics.

I have worked for three years as the economics graduate assistant at SMU’s Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center, helping a diverse population of students with mathematics, economics and statistics.





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