Xinlei (Sherry) Wang, Ph.D.




Research Interests

  • Bayesian Methods and Applications
  • Meta-Analysis/Integrative Analysis
  • Statistical Genomics
  • Statistics for Artificial Intelligence
  • Order-related Design, Theory and Inference

Courses Taught

  • STAT 1301–Introduction to Statistics (Undergraduate)
  • STAT 2331–Introduction to Statistical Methods (Undergraduate)
  • STAT 3312–Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (Undergraduate)
  • STAT 6327–Mathematical Statistics I (Ph.D.)
  • STAT 6390–Bayesian Methods & Data Analysis (Ph.D.)
  • STAT 6377–Categorical Data Analysis (Ph.D.)
  • STAT 6337–Statistical Analysis II (Ph.D.)
  • STAT 6357–Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (Master’s)
  • STAT 6395–Special Topics in Statistics ( Graduate)