Food Law Symposium

Food Law Symposium

In the fall of 2016, the SMU Science & Technology Law Review co-hosted a Food Law Forum with Strasburger & Price, LLP and Michigan State University. The Forum was held on the SMU Dedman School of Law campus on Friday, September 9th. The event featured panel discussions from prominent lawyers and legal scholars from both the DFW legal community and nationwide. The discussions covered two current and complex issues in Food Law. The first was the recent developments concerning the labeling of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products that have taken shape since the Supreme Court’s decision in Sorrell v. IMS. The second was the complex regulation of food manufacturing, and featured panels outlining the prevention, liability, and legal enforcement in the event of manufacturing irregularities, such as the recent listeria concerns surrounding Blue Bell. The Forum was be a thorough and current examination of fascinating legal topics that have a direct impact on the daily life of consumers and the constitutional liberties inherent in marketplace competition.


SMU Dedman School of Law


September 9, 2016