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The Lost Talk: Charm Jets as a Probe for Strangeness at the Future Electron-Ion Collider

I had a talk abstract accepted to the fall meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Nuclear Physics. However, the confirmation email that arrived on August 31 went unseen by me, and despite not confirming my talk I was put on the schedule for a mini-symposium on October 31. I only found out I was on the schedule about 10 minutes before my scheduled speaking time, and only because a colleague of mine Slack-chatted me to see if I was okay to give the talk. So …

This is the talk I WOULD have given at the Fall Division of Nuclear Physics Meeting of the American Physical Society. Enjoy my apology and the talk.

By Stephen Sekula

Professor of Physics. Department Chair. Higgs Hunter. Computational Physicist. Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison. B.S. from Yale University.