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I am an Associate Professor of Experimental Particle Physics at SMU. I joined the faculty in 2009. My current research focus is the study of the recently discovered Higgs particle, using the ATLAS Experiment located at the Large Hadron Collider, a research facility hosted by the CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. I study the interactions of the Higgs particle with the second-heaviest building block of matter, the bottom quark, to learn what it can teach us about the origin of the universe. I have participated in two major discoveries about the Higgs particle in the last decase: the measurement of its spin-parity quantum numbers using Higgs decays to four leptons (particles like the electron) and the first ever observation of the Higgs directly interacting with quarks. In addition to my research, I teach physics at SMU, including introductory physics and modern physics, honors physics, and a teaching practicum for graduate students. I am an SMU Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor. I am a co-author of the book “Reality in the Shadows (or) What the Heck’s the Higgs,” aimed to help a general audience understand the big questions facing physics.

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