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Sasha Maya Ada Davis


5’7” 140


Doubt: A Parable

Mrs. Muller

SC Governor’s School-Sakas Theatre/Cecil O’Neal

The Tempest        Sebastian/Musician

Sakas/Daniel Murray

The Bacchae      Chorus

Southern Methodist University-B349/Dylan Guerra

Scene Study

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea  Roberta

SMU/Jim Crawford

Gruesome Playground Injuries  Kayleen

SMU/ Jim Crawford

The Alien Corn    Champugne

Sakas/Jayce Tromsness

Final Placement    Mary Hanson

Sakas/Daniel Murray

The Piano Lesson Berniece

Sakas/Dan Day


B.F.A. in Theatre Studies, Class of 2016

Southern Methodist University

Arts Scholars Diploma, Class of 2012

SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities


Jim Crawford, Daniel Murray, Dan Day

Voice and Speech (Skinner)

Jayce Tromsness


Jayce Tromsness

Audition workshop

Cecil O’Neal, Travis Ballenger

Suzuki workshop

Monica Bell

Mask Workshop

Bob Francesconi


Candace Dickinson

Special Skills/Hobbies

Modern dance, figure skating, International Phonetic Alphabet, Tai Chi, piano, yoga, Shotokan (Okinawan martial arts), earring making


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