Welcome to the Runčevski Group for Experimental Physical Chemistry


  • Crystals <3
  • Pigments are making art even when they recrystallize! A manuscript on these pigments is in preparation, for now enjoy this artsy picture
  • Check out our newest paper on Titanean minerals in Chem Comm
  • NASA support (2020-2023) for our work on Minerals on Titan with Christina
  • Check our our newest paper on fungicides in Crystal Growth and Design
  • Welch Foundation support (2019-2022)

News and Announcements

October 2020 Tom gave an invited talk at JPL NASA on “The Phase Diagrams of Titan”

Tom and Craig Brown from NIST are guest editing a special issue on Rietveld refinement in Crystal Growth and Design, feel free to submit your manuscript! Deadline March 2021

Register to the Bright Future for In Situ and Operando Structural Science at APS-U Virtual Workshop, Wenqian Xu and Tom will moderate the “Functional Materials” breakout section. Deadline January 2021

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