2016 – 2017 OTM Winners

Resident Assistant: Marissa Jennings

Nominated by Matthew Nadler
Hillcrest Houses

Social Program: Virginia Snider Storm

Nominated by Rebecca Yuan
Virginia Snider Commons

Spotlight: Clay Miller, Alexis Forte, Bryant Lowry

Nominated by Marissa Jennings
Hillcrest Houses

Student: Kay Rodgers

Nominated by Jacquelyn Elias
Armstrong Residential Commons

First Year Student: Gabi Gonzales

Nominated by Michael Prappas & Ethan Decker
SMU Loyd Commons

Residential Community: Loyd Fourth Floor

Nominated by Pahno Georgeton & Holly McCuisition
Loyd Residential Commons

Residence Life Professional Staff: Lauren Cove

Nominated by Anne Hart
National Residence Hall Honorary

Institution Faculty/Staff: Alice and Kevin Kendrick

Nominated by Margie Anderson and Lucy McCollom
Loyd Residential Commons

Student Staff Member: Elizabeth DeTrempe

Nominated by Kathryn Loper
National Residence Hall Honorary

Executive Board Member: Jacquie Elias

Nominated by Ty Krueger
Loyd Residential Commons