2015 – 2016 OTM Winners

 Resident Assistant: Mason Steeger

Nominated by Margie Anderson
Loyd Residential Commons

Social Program: Luck of the Loydians

Nominated by Mason Steeger
Loyd Residential Commons

Spotlight: Loyd RA Staff

Nominated by Claire Johnson
The Assembly of Residential Housing

Student: Charis (Kay) Rodgers

Nominated by Jacquelyn Elias
Armstrong Residential Commons

Residential Community: Loyd Commons

Nominated by Holly McCuistion & Jose De Labra
Loyd Residential Commons

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Dr. Rita Kirk

Nominated by Sara Jendrusch and Ryan Blitzer
Armstrong Residential Commons

Institution Faculty/Staff: Jeanne “Gigi” Robinson

Nominated by Jayson Nasukieqicz-Kaufman
Loyd Residential Commons

Executive Board Member: Meaghan Shaw

Nominated by Brenna Williams
National Residence Hall Honorary

Organization: Loyd Commons Council- Purpose Committee

Nominated by Michael Prappas
Loyd Residential Commons