OTMs – Of The Months

One of the many services of NACURH, Inc. is the ‘Of the Month’ Award, which is administered through the National Residence Hall Honorary. The ‘Of the Month’ process recognizes outstanding contributions to College and University Residence Halls in the following categories: Advisor, Community Service Program, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Executive Board Member, Institution Faculty/Staff, Residence Life Faculty/Staff, First Year Experience, Organization, Residential Assistant, Residential Community, Social Program, Spotlight and Student. Anyone at SMU can submit an OTM!!!  

OTMs are due on the 5th of each month by 11:59pm and the Campus Winners are selected by the Chapter by the 10th of each month.

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March 2016 OTM Campus Winners

 Resident Assistant: Mason Steeger

Nominated by Margie Anderson
Loyd Residential Commons

Social Program: Luck of the Loydians

Nominated by Mason Steeger
Loyd Residential Commons

Spotlight: Loyd RA Staff

Nominated by Claire Johnson
The Assembly of Residential Housing

Student: Charis (Kay) Rodgers

Nominated by Jacquelyn Elias
Armstrong Residential Commons

Residential Community: Loyd Commons

Nominated by Holly McCuistion & Jose De Labra
Loyd Residential Commons

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Dr. Rita Kirk

Nominated by Sara Jendrusch and Ryan Blitzer
Armstrong Residential Commons

Institution Faculty/Staff: Jeanne “Gigi” Robinson

Nominated by Jayson Nasukieqicz-Kaufman
Loyd Residential Commons

Executive Board Member: Meaghan Shaw

Nominated by Brenna Williams
National Residence Hall Honorary

Organization: Loyd Commons Council- Purpose Committee

Nominated by Michael Prappas
Loyd Residential Commons