Membership in chapters is limited to one percent of a school’s on campus residential housing capacity – thus the chapter cap for SMU is 34. NRHH is a very select group of leaders thus being selected into the membership is an honor in which one can take a great amount of pride in.

SMU’s Chapter recruits and inducts members each Fall and Spring Semester through a process including nominations, applications, and interviews.

For questions regarding the recruitment and selection process, please contact Dillon Chapman, NRHH Director of Marketing & Recruitment

Membership Induction Requirements

  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Have lived on campus for at least 2 semester – first year students are eligible in their second semester
  • Have shown outstanding contributions to on campus living at SMU

Membership Expectations

  • Attend chapter meetings and chapter activities
  • Submit at least one OTM nomination a month
  • Participate in the selection of OTM Campus Winners
  • Represent NRHH and SMU in a positive light

Types of Membership

  • Active Membership – members that reside on campus and are fully enrolled undergraduate students
  • Alumni Membership – members that have moved off campus while still an undergraduate or have moved off campus
  • Honorary Membership – members are SMU affiliated individuals that are selected by the active membership for their outstanding contributions residential and campus life at SMU

CLICK HERE for a list of our current active members

CLICK HERE for a list of our known chapter members