ANTH 3303: Self, Culture and Mind: Introduction to Psychological Anthropology Syllabus

ANTH 3306: Introduction to Medical Anthropology Syllabus

ANTH 3424: Rites of Passage: Anthropological and Experiential Perspectives (Taos only) Syllabus

ANTH 2301: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Syllabus

ANTH 4343: Biomedicine, Culture and Power Syllabus

ANTH 6318: Research Methods in Ethnology Syllabus

ANTH 6319: Health in Cross-Cultural Perspective Syllabus

ANTH 6316: The “Good Life?” Crisis, Care and Recovery from an Anthropological Perspective Syllabus

ANTH 6316/6317: Culture and Global Mental Health Syllabus

ANTH 6316: Health Equity: Anthropological Perspectives

ANTH 7333: Data Analysis Syllabus 

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