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MBA Course Information:
Managerial Judgment and Decision Making
The purpose of this course is to help you become a better decision maker. The course will discuss concepts, theories, and findings from behavioral science (e.g., social and cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, consumer research, organizational behavior, and behavioral finance) that provide insights into how we actually make decisions, as well as how we ought to make decisions to maximize organizational and personal outcomes. We will discuss the role of various factors in the decision-making process, such as psychological biases, intuition and analysis, attention and emotions, risk and uncertainty, as well as overconfidence.
We will then examine how these behavioral findings can be leveraged to improve your decision making abilities as a manager across a wide range of contexts. Many of these findings are insightful and even counter-intuitive. Hence their knowledge can be both a source of competitive advantage and a basis for effective leadership. The class will use a mixture of short case discussions, in-class assignments (group and individual), readings, student presentations, and lectures.