Mapping the Great Awakening

John Wesley and Charles Chauncy

This map tracks Wesley’s and Chauncy’s movements, writings, sermons, and key events that fall into three major categories: pro revival, neutral revival, and con revival. “Pro revival events” signify these prominent thinker’s positive relationship with the popular evangelical movement. “Neutral Revival Events” refer to instances that have little bearing on evangelical movements and more to do with these thinker’s evolution. “Con Revival Events,” the most prevalent of the three categories, refer to these figure’s opposition (typically radical) to evangelical trends. That is to say, moments where they are evangelical in their opposition to the popular evangelical ideologies of the time. In other words, these guys are radicals in their own right.

Some of the sources we used include: early American Newspapers, Wesley’s and Chauncy’s personal journals, colonial era pamphlets, letters, books (some of which are published by these thinkers), various secondary sources that include quotes of primary documents, and other key figure’s writings on Chauncy and Wesley, mainly from George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards.
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