Your son is very skilled

Skills is such a relative term. Depending on what job or what field one works in, a certain attribute can be either a skill or a detriment. Our prompt this week was to discuss what skills we have, what skills we need and how we plan on obtaining them.

My tool belt is equipped with skills that have gotten me to SMU studying music. I know what I want. This sense of direction is especially important to me because now that I know what path I want to be on for undergraduate studies, I can get organized and work hard. Introspection has also been vital in figuring out what I want to do. I consider my ability to understand what my heart is telling me a skill.

One thing that is both an angel and a devil on my shoulder is impatience. Not wanting to wait for anything makes me push myself to learn very quickly what my teachers want me to do and how to get an A. This attribute is very helpful in that I am efficient in my voice lessons and in studying; but it also means that sometimes I don’t give myself enough room to just process. This devil side of impatience goes hand in hand with my impulsiveness. For example, if I am doing something new in a lesson or in class and I don’t get it right within the first 5 minutes I automatically think that I am bad at it.

I know that it is so important to just let my voice grow. Being more patient with myself is a skill that I will definitely work on throughout these next four years by practicing more often with more breaks in between to let my brain catch up with my spirit.

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