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I recently read two blog posts and listened to an in class lecture about “Being a hero”. One thought was that we follow the “Journey of a Hero” or a “quest”: start with a goal, sleigh the dragon, get swallowed by a beast and be reborn into the world. The lecture argued that this whole idea is a metaphor for your own life.

For me, the quest has been following my gut in order to figure out who I am. The second layer is getting to know my dad through people’s stories and a connection in general. Of course there is more than just “The Quest” going on with family, friends and school work, but the underlying theme is still prominent.

The dragon in the story could be anything. For most people it is the ego. Now, my mom and I have spent lots of time in the car together and once listened to Eckart Tolle’s book all about the ego. He describes it as your inner voice that tells you anything and everything about who you are. I completely buy that. I believe that the ego is something that can take over one’s world because I have seen it! (There’s a lot of that goin on in the music world :). That dragon is extremely important to sleigh if you want to get to your real self, the one that listens to others and doesn’t automatically relate it back to themselves, the one that sacrifices for the well being of others. That self is the one that is the most true in my mind.

But honestly, I don’t like the idea that I fit into this formula that is “The Quest”, so I’m just going to keep singing for whoever will listen and hope y’all will like it.

Right now music therapy is my main study and I am so moved by everything that it can do. With this major I will serve those who need a connection. Lots of people with disabilities cannot communicate verbally and need music to portray their feelings. My audience will not only be made up of people with serious handicaps, but of those simply wanting a meaningful connection. Because my father died before I was born, I have been on this search, this “quest” to find a connection to him. The most potent one I have found is through singing and being myself, sans ego.

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  1. Music as communication is so powerful with those suffering from memory loss.
    Where I volunteer, there is a talented singer who uses his voice, piano, guitar and humor, working everyday, to engage and raise the spirits of those with mid to late dementia. Maybe over winter break, you’d like to see him in action!

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