Novalee and the Spider Secret

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Book Description: Novalee is a 9-year-old girl who has “a secret that sits at the back of her tongue like a balled-up spider.” Just when Nova figures out a way to transform herself from boring Nova into super Nova, her violin teacher does something that threatens her universe: he kisses her. Her world tumbles out of control, but an unlikely friendship with a fellow outcast, Toby, helps her find the courage, voice, and persistence to save her life.

Praise for Novalee:

“A heartbreaking and redemptive tale of the secrets children feel they must keep and the courage they must find to tell.” ~Amy Plum, international bestselling author

“Lovely, brave, and incredibly moving. “~Andrea Witzke-Slot, author of To Find a New Beauty

“Very powerful…I felt it in my gut.” ~Colin Turner, editor of Last Gasp